George Anich Senior Cup

Rules & Regulations.

Welcome to your go-to resource for the rules and regulations that govern the George Anich Senior Cup. Here, you’ll find comprehensive guidelines detailing everything from Gameplay Rules to Teams, Divisions, and Player Regulations.

Welcome to your go-to resource for the rules and regulations that govern the George Anich Senior Cup. Here, you’ll find comprehensive guidelines detailing everything from Gameplay Rules to Teams, Divisions, and Player Regulations.

Gameplay Rules.

1. Tournament Format

The George Anich Senior Cup is a team event featuring round-robin competition from Monday to Wednesday (March 18th – 21st). Teams will play a minimum of two matches per day, and each match consists of three 8-game Pro sets, with each team assigning two players to compete in each set (6 players per match). The top two teams with the highest score accumulated by adding all the games and sets won by all three doubles teams for the three days advances to the finals on Thursday. Live updates of matches, results, and team standings will be available on the 2024 Tournament page. Finalists will be announced at the Player Party on Wednesday evening.

2. Scoring & Rules

Matches will be played as 8-game Pro Sets with regular scoring, and a 7-point tiebreaker at 7 games all. Each team must submit a lineup sheet indicating the players and their NTRP rating for each doubles lineup. If conditions prevent or delay play as scheduled, the George Anich Senior Cup committee has the right to alter the scoring to be used.

3. Match Ball

The Tournament will use the Wilson US Open extra duty ball. A new can of balls will be provided for each match.

4. Dress Code

All Players must comply with the host club’s dress code, however no club will require all whites. Please make sure tennis attire is worn with appropriate court shoes.

5. Time Schedule

The majority of matches will start daily around 11:00am and conclude around 6:00pm. Please note there may be morning matches if scheduling conflicts arise.

6. Grace Period

There will be a 15-minute grace period for tardiness. After 15 minutes, the team that arrives late loses warm up time and the opponent reserves the right to choose side. In addition, the following penalties are enforced: up to 20 minutes late, a team is penalized 2 games (game score is 2-0); up to 25 minutes late, a team is penalized 4 games (game score is 4-0); up to 30 minutes late, a team is penalized 6 games (game score is 6-0); after 30 minutes, the team that is late is defaulted. The team that was ready to play receives 27 points and the team that defaulted receives 0 points. The Site Director is the keeper of the official time.

7. Default

If a team must default because of injury before the match has started, that team will receive 0 points and their opponents will receive 9 points. If a player must default due to an injury during play, all games won by the defaulting team will be recorded. The opponent will receive 9 points.

8. In Case of a Tie

If two or more teams are tied at the end of play on Wednesday, the tied teams will play three 7-point tiebreakers against each other. The winner will be determined by who wins 2 of the 3 courts and they will advance to the finals.

9. Finals

The finals will be the best of three sets, regular scoring, with a Match Tiebreak played in lieu of the 3rd set. All players who are scheduled to play in the finals must have played a minimum of four (4) of the team’s matches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

10. Cancellation

If a division does not have at least four (4) teams, play may be cancelled, and entry fees refunded.

11. Spectators

Spectators are allowed on the court if they remain quiet during match play and must relinquish their seats to the players during change overs.

12. On-Court Line Disputes

For any on-court line disputes, the on-site official will designate both Team Captains as line judges.

13. Roving Umpire

During the finals, roving umpires have the authority to enforce various violations, including foot faults.

14. Disqualification

If teams do not abide by the Rules of doubles pairings they are disqualified.

Teams, Divisions, and Player Regulations.

Teams & Divisions

Each team must have a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 12 players.

We offer two divisions for both male and female participants: 7.0 and 8.0. Each player possesses a USTA National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) score ranging from 3.0 to 4.5. Current player ratings as of the tournament date are considered. The combined ratings of both players must precisely match the division total.

Allowed combinations for 7.0 Division: (3.0 + 4.0) or (3.5 + 3.5)

Allowed combinations for 8.0 Division: (3.5 + 4.5) or (4.0 + 4.0)

Important: Registration opens on October 1, 2023, and operates on a first-come, first-served basis. It will remain open until the tournament reaches its maximum capacity, which is anticipated to occur by December 31, 2023. Please take note that all Captains and Players are required to utilize their NTRP ratings as of the opening Registration Date (October 1, 2023) for team qualification. This format remains unchanged from prior years, despite the release of new NTRP ratings on December 1, 2023. This approach aims to mitigate unexpected rating changes after registration and alleviate any undue stress on Team Captains related to the release of new rankings. If teams do not abide by the rules of doubles pairings they are disqualified.

Player Age

Our age brackets are set at 50+ and 65+. Notably, if a player’s 50th or 65th birthday falls after the tournament date but within the same year, they remain eligible to participate.

Identification Requirements

To verify age, Team Captains are required to inspect player driver licenses or other valid ID cards before registration. This step contributes to accurate age verification.

National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP).

The NTRP is a classification system that identifies and describes the general characteristics of tennis players’ abilities.